Kimberley Spirit in the media

A few places that you may have seen Kimberley Spirit Tours and/or our head guide, Scotty Connell:


abc radio

May 2019 - Kununurra based tour guide Scotty Connell loves the region he's called home since he was a little kid. He's published a bucket list of places to see, which he's called "100 Things to do in the Kimberley." It's a compilation of 'favourite favourites' and must see places that should help visitors and locals plan a trip. Click here to listen to this interview.


breakfast on red

Scotty chats to Alana and Robbie on their breakfast radio show about his new book “100 Things To See In The Kimberley”. Click here to listen.


Sunday Times

November 2018 - Kimberley Spirit guide Scott Connell has won the prestigious ‘FACET Golden Guide Award’ at the Western Australian Tourism Awards, held at Perth’s Crown Casino. On this night of nights, Scott was joined by friends and family to celebrate this career (and life) highlight. Since 1998, one guide per year is chosen from Western Australia to receive this honour. The aim of the award is to recognise individual excellence in tour guiding and to raise the profile of this important profession. Congrats, Scotty!


The West newspaper

August 2018 - Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins (Australia's newest TV Bachelor) accompanies Kimberley Spirit guide Scott Connell on an extraordinary adventure of the Kimberley. Click here to be taken to the West Australian's news article.


The Scenic Route

Journalist Tom De Souza is a travelling story-teller, who spent some time in the eastern Kimberley with Kimberley Spirit's Scotty Connell. Read his story about Scotty by clicking here.


Matador Network

Kimberley Spirit guide, Scotty Connell enjoyed hosting Matador Network photographer Al Mackinnon during his recent trip to the Kimberley. Check out Al's article 'Australia’s last true frontier: The Kimberley in 24 stunning photos' by clicking here.


Sunrise TV

Kimberley Spirit's Scotty Connell shares the Kimberley's splendours with viewers of the TV show 'Sunrise'. Click here to watch.


Sunday Night TV

Australian rugby player Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins visited the Kimberley with TV Show Sunday Night, with his father and brothers. Kimberley Spirit Tours enjoyed showing Nick and his family around Kununurra and the eastern Kimberley. Click here to watch.


Red Fm

Scotty chats with the Alana and Robbie live on air, on the radio program 'Breakfast on Red'. Click here to listen.


Australian Traveller Mag.

Kimberley Spirit assisted Caroline Clements with her article 'The 5 best places to swim in the Kimberley' for Australian Traveller Magazine. Click here to read this article.


Singapore Airlines

For Singapore Airlines' magazine 'Silverkris', journalist Michelle Tchea spoke with our guide, Scotty, about the Kimberley for their feature of the region as one of their '18 hot destinations in 2018' selections. Click here to read this magazine.


Australian Women's Weekly Mag.

Journalist Berwyn Lewis travels with Kimberley Spirit Tours on a unique journey of discovery to find ancient indigenous Bradshaw art. Click here to download the PDF of this article.



Kimberley Spirit Tours hosted the ladies from Buzzfeed and assisted them with their article '36 Reasons Why You Should Put The Kimberley On Top Of Your Bucket List'. Click here to read this article.


World Tourism Day

Social media whizzes around the globe took part in a world-first social media relay on World Tourism Day, with local tour guide Scott Connell selected to promote Western Australia. Click here to read this article.


Breakfast Radio

Scotty talks on the breakfast radio show about why the Kimberley is Australia's number one regional destination. Click here to listen.


Adam Williams' blog

Author Adam Williams shares his experience of travelling with Kimberley Spirit Tours on an exclusive tour to see the Kimberley's famous Bradshaw art. Click here to read Adam's blog post.