“One of the best trips I have ever done.”

"I got to spend over a week exploring the Kimberley with Kimberley Spirit guide Scott Connell. It was one of the best trips I have ever done. As a photographer I find it quite hard to be guided but Scott was an exception. He knows all the best locations and where to be with the right light and got me to those out of the way locations in prime conditions. He then gave me the freedom to do what I do best. With a complete understanding and respect for the Kimberley, its culture and its heritage a Kimberley Spirit tour is a must do once in your life."

— Sean Scott, photographer, Australia, 2015

“I'll remember this trip forever”

"Hey Scotty, just a quick note to thank you so much for what you have done for me and the boys. Every now and then in life you meet someone who is pretty special and you are one of them. I'll remember this trip forever. You'll see us again mate, take care."

— Mark Cummins, 2016. Travelled with his 3 sons and the crew of Sunday Night TV show, who were documenting their 'boys trip' of the eastern Kimberley, primarily focussing on his son Nick "The Honey Badger" Cummins (Australian Rugby player).

"Scotty is the only bloke I know that puts it all on the line to give you an experience that money cannot buy, you'll see what I mean..." - Luke Cummins, Australia

“In capable hands.”

"One of the universal truths of remote travel is that despite searching for secluded solace it’s always the people that make the difference. Scotty has a warm resilience and a gentle, intimate understanding for the Kimberley's beautiful, often harsh environment... It soon became clear I could not have landed in more capable and knowledgeable hands."

— Al Mackinnon, English photo-journalist, 2015


“An epic experience like no other.”

"Becoming part of the Kimberley Spirit family was everything and more that I had dreamt about in my visit to the Kimberley. The highlight was meeting local indigenous elders and discussing their dreaming, country and plans for the future generations. It really was an epic experience like no other. Like me, you will be left wanting more." 

— Lincoln Lewis, Australian actor, 2015

"A big shout out to Scotty, aka Kimberley Spirit - our awesome guide and all 'round fabulous guy, whose passion for Western Australia is infectious and inspirational." - Liz Bonnin, UK, while filming for BBC Earth


“It's rare to start with a guide and end with a friend.”

"Huge thanks to Scott for such engaging and friendly "guiding", It's really rare to start with a "guide" and end with a friend, who, for sure we'll meet up with again."

— Dr. Geoff Lawrence, UK, 2007

“A very impressive tour guide.”

"Scotty Connell provided tour leader support on an eleven day trekking tour from Kununurra to Mornington, to a group of Climate Council supporters. He is a very impressive tour guide, supportive, respectful, knowledgeable, sensible, reliable, experienced, thoughtful and fun. He dealt comfortably with diverse people, ages, levels of competence and challenges. He is a top quality, compassionate person. His love of the Kimberley is obvious and wonderful to be around. He looked after me when I had to limp along after a fall, and I shall never forget his kindness."

— Heather, Australia, 2015


“Kimberley Spirit should be the starting point for your journey.”

"The Kimberley is not your average travel destination. It is vast, remote and the weather Gods can be moody. For all of these reasons and more, it is somewhere you have to see in your lifetime. It's the place that most reminds me of Africa, which is why it's my favourite destination in Australia. Wherever you step off your flight, you'll find a perspective that is missing in the big city. The colours, the night skies, the silence, the storms ... it all merges and blends to make your place in the universe feel small. 

Of course there are many options for your holiday. You can dip your toe in the water, sample the sights and go home and tell your friends how they should visit someday. Or you can seek a more meaningful experience, something that is much more than a mere holiday. This is where Kimberley Spirit comes in. Plenty of operators can take you from point A to point B, tell you where to eat or what activity to fill your day. But for me, the Kimberley deserves something special and unique.

We rarely use the word safari in Australia but we should. It means journey in Swahili. It implies something deeper, more significant than a holiday. The Kimberley is indeed spirit country and you will feel it immediately on arrival. Scott will turn your holiday into a memorable journey. Through his knowledge of the land and its people. With great respect for the culture of the first Australians. He will take you to places and connect with you with the Kimberley in a way that will resonate long after you've returned home. He has a gentle and easy manner that belies an extraordinary understanding of the region.

Kimberley Spirit is very much the new way of doing things for visitors to this magical piece of Australia... I can't recommend them highly enough. Kimberley Spirit should be the starting point for your journey into this ancient and magnificent land. Just don't call it a holiday."

— Simon Reeve (whilst on location filming for Channel 7's Sunday Night) 2016