A tour with Kimberley Spirit and Scott Connell is without doubt the best way to experience the Kimberley. He grew up in the Kimberley, he lives there and has spent his life travelling all of its parts. His love and knowledge of this beautiful part of Australia sets him apart.
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Scott Connell

There's plenty that we could tell you about our owner and guide, Scott 'Scotty' Connell, but we think it's better for you to read an independently written profile. Here's an excerpt from journalist Tom De Souza's article:

"Scott is a dedicated adventurer. He’s facilitated military training in the Kimberley with the Nepalese Gurkhas, and regularly hikes into the bush in the inhospitable wet season with little more than a backpack and a mate. In years of exploring, he’s come to known the Kimberley better than anyone else of similar European descent.

A passion for adventure has led Scott to a career as a tour guide. He draws on a wealth of experience to share the fleeting phenomena of the Kimberley, and he hopes to preserve one of the world’s penultimate wildernesses and most ancient cultures by exemplifying principals of sustainable tourism".

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my book

Release date - 25 March 2019. “100 Things To See In The Kimberley” is the culmination of a life spent exploring Australia’s wild and remote north west. Our guide, Scotty, grew up in the Kimberley and has made it his mission to thoroughly explore the region via air, land and sea. Inside you’ll find 100 of the best things to see and do all across the Kimberley – from stunning waterholes to cool off in, to incredible, natural wonders that are found nowhere else on earth.

Grab your copy here - www.thekimberleyaustralia.com/book

Scotty Connell - official Ambassador for Tourism Western Australia

Scotty Connell - official Ambassador for Tourism Western Australia